InstaSelfie Photo Station Rental

Many photo booths can only print the “strips”; InstaSelfie can print strips or 4×6 prints. You can also choose if you want 1 pose – 4 poses.  We can add your logo to your customized template, from your choice of color, layout and wording. If you rather your template customized with a picture for the back ground instead of a color, we can do that as well. I encourage choosing the 4×6 over the strips because it can fit in a frame if wanted, and the boxes for the pictures are larger than the strips.

What completely sets us apart from another photo booth company is that we can text message the picture straight to a guest’s phone! InstaSelfie has its own phone number; this has been a hit at recent events. With social media being so big – guests can upload pictures quicker with it being sent to their phone. However, wifi is needed at the location.

Many other “photo booth” companies are enclosed and can only fit 2/3 people. We are a “station” that is wide open and we have fit up to 14 people in one picture.

We also have green screen capability to have any background a client chooses for their event. This is optional.  If green screen is chosen, we can give the ability to choose up to 6 back drops of your choosing. (Anything that can be found on google, as a picture with the correct dimensions – can be used as a back drop on the green screen). A personal picture may be used, or create a back drop yourself from Etsy!

We have a variety of props with different themes.  If you have a particular theme for your event, we will get props to go according with your theme as well.

We do have plain back drop curtains to color match your events theme.

At past events that we have attended, the line for InstaSelfie would be 20 people long and no one on the dance floor.  Photo Booth’s are a “hot commodity” at events!